Differences between the NABA and Opler/Warren lists

The following list shows the differences between the species- and genus-level taxonomies and scientific names of the NABA list and the Opler & Warren list ("Scientific Names for Butterfly Species of North America, north of Mexico", P.A. Opler and A.D. Warren), as updated on February 14, 2003. This page is intended to provide those familiar with one of these lists with a reference to the other. It's worth pointing out that the Opler & Warren list is more recent than the NABA list and also includes some changes based on work that has not yet been published; this explains some of the differences, though not all. Errors in this list are entirely my own, but differences in spelling between the two columns are (all, I hope) based on actual differences between the two lists.

Skippers (Hesperioidea)
NABA: Opler & Warren:
Pyrrhopyge araxesApyrrotrhix araxes
Polygonus manueliP. savigny (synonym)
Chioides catillusC. albofasciatus (split from extralimital)
Astraptes gilbertiA. alector hopfferi (synonym/lump)
Achalarus jalapusThessia jalapus
Thorybes mexicanusThorybes mexicana
(Omitted)Windia windi
Sostrata bifasciataS. nordica (split from extralimital)
Antigonus emorsusA. emorsa
Achlyodes thrasoEantis tamenund (genus change and split from extralimital)
Grais stigmaticaG. stigmaticus
Timochares ruptifasciatusT. ruptifasciata
(Omitted)Anastrus semipternus
Chiomara asychisC. georgina (split from extralimital)
Gesta gestaG. invisus (split from extralimital)
Ephyriades brunneusE. brunnea
Heliopetes domicellaHeliopyrgus domicella
Hesperopsis alpheus gracielaeH.gracielae
Piruna cingoP. aea (synonym)
Piruna microstictusP. penaea (microsticta was a misidentification)
Erionota thraxE. torus (was misidentified)
Synapte malitiosaS. pecta (lump)
Synapte syracesEither S. syraces or S. shiva (split, ID of US records uncertain)
Monca tyrtaeusM. crispinus (synonym)
Cymaenes odiliaC. trebius (split from extralimital)
Copaeodes aurantiacusC. aurantiaca
Copaeodes minimusC. minima
Hesperia comma coloradoH. colorado
Hesperia comma assiniboiaH. assiniboia
Atrytonopsis hianna loammiA. loammi
Atrytonopsis edwardsiiA. edwardsi
Lerodea dysaulesL. arabus (lump based on synonymy)
Panoquina hecebolaP. hecebolus
Panoquina sylvicolaP. lucas (synonym)
Panoquina fusinaP. evansi (synonym, I'd guess)
Agathymus aryxna baueriA. baueri
Agathymus aryxna gentryiA. gentryi
(Omitted)Agathymus estellae
Stallingsia maculosaS. maculosus
Other Butterflies (Papilionoidea)
NABA: Opler & Warren:
Parnassius phoebus smintheusP. smintheus
Parnassius phoebus behriP. behrii
(Omitted)Parides eurimedes
Papilio pharnacesP. rogeri (lump)
Neophasia terlootiiN. terlooii
(Omitted)Leptophobia aripa
Pieris napiP. oleracea, P. marginalis, P. angelika (split from extralimital)
Ganyra howarthiiG. howarthi
Euchloe hyantis lottaE. lotta
Anthocharis sara stellaA. stella
Anthocharis sara juliaA. julia
Anthocharis sara thoosaA. thoosa
Colias alexandra harfordii C. harfordii
Colias "boothi" and C. nastes thulaC. tyche
Colias scudderiC. scudderii
Colias eurydiceZerene eurydice
Colias cesoniaZerene cesonia
(Omitted)Phoebis argante
Phoebis statiraAphrissa statira
Phoebis orbisAphrissa orbis
Eurema messalina, E. proterpia, E. lisa, E. nise, and E.dinaPyrisitia sp.
Eurema nicippeAbaeis nicippe
Lycanea rubidus ferrisiL. ferrisi
Lycaena dorcas dospassosiL. dospassosi
(Omitted)Eumaeus toxea
Satyrium caryaevorumS. caryaevorus
C. dumetorum affinis & apamaC. affinis
C. dumetorum dumetorumC. perplexa
C. dumetorum viridisC. dumetorum
C. gryneus nelsoniC. nelsoni
C. g. thorneiC. thornei
C. g. muiriC. muiri
C. g. gryneus,loki, siva, and sweadneriC. gryneus
Electrostrymon canusE. joya (synonym)
Siderus tephraeusStreponota tephraeus
Brephidium exileB. exile
Brephidium isophthalmaB. pseudofea (lump)
Everes sp.Cupido sp. (genus lump)
(Omitted)Celastrina lucia
Celastrina ladon neglectaC. neglecta
C. l. echoC. echo
C. l. humulusC. humulus
C. l. idellaC. idella
Philotiella speciosa leonaP. leona
Euphilotes b. bernardinoE. bernardino
E. b. intermediaE. intermedia
E. b. ellisiE. ellisi
E. b. baueriE. baueri
E. enoptes ancillaE. ancilla
E. e. mojaveE. mojave
E. rita pallescensE. pallescens
Hemiargus thomasiCyclargus thomasi
Hemiargus ammonCyclargus ammon
Hemiargus isolaEchinargus isola
Lycaeides sp.Plebejus sp. (genus lump)
Lycaeides idas annaPlebejus anna
Vacciniina optiletePlebejus optilete
Agriades sp.Plebejus sp. (genus lump)
Agriades glandon podarcePlebejus podarce
Calephelis muticaC. muticum
Calephelis rawsoni freemaniC. freemani
(Omitted)Lasaia maria
Apodemia mormo duryiA. duryi
Apodemia mormo virgultiA. virgulti
Apodemia mormo mejicanusA. mejicanus
Apodemia palmeriA. palmerii
Apodemia nais chisosensisA. chisoensis
(Omitted - perhaps lumped?)Libytheana motya
Speyeria zerene caroleaS. carolae
Speyeria atlantis hesperisS. hesperis
Boloria napaeaB. alaskensis (split from extralimital)
Thessalia sp.Chlosyne sp. (genus lump)
Thessalia chinatiensisChlosyne theona cheinatiensis
Chlosyne marinaC. melitaeoides, C.eumeda (split from extralimital)
Phyciodes vestaP. graphica (synonym)
Phyciodes selenisP. cocyta (synonym)
Phyciodes campestrisP. pulchella (synonym)
Phyciodes texanaAnthanassa texana
Phyciodes frisiaAnthanassa frisia
Phyciodes tulcisAnthanassa tulcis
Phyciodes ptolycaAnthanassa ptolyca
Phyciodes argenteaAnthanassa argentea
(Omitted)Tegosa anieta
Euphydryas chalcedon aniciaE. anicia
Nymphalis vaualbumRoddia vaualbum
Nymphalis milbertiAglais milberti
Nymphalis urticaeAglais urticae
(Considered dubious)Hamadryas iphthime
(Considered dubious)Diaethria sp.
Anaea floridalisAnaea troglodyta floridalis
Anaea glyceriumMemphis glycerium
Anaea pithyusaMemphis pithyusa
(Considered dubious)Memphis echemus
Neonympha areolataN. areolatus
Neonympha areolata helictaN. helicta
Paramacera allyniP. xicaque allyni
Erebia magdalena mackinleyensisE. mackinleyensis
Erebia theanoE. pawloskii (split from extralimital)
Erebia dabanensisE. youngi (split from extralimital)
Erebia kozhantshikoviE. lafontainei (split from extralimital)
Oeneis rosoviO. philipi
Oeneis taygeteO. bore (lumped with extralimital)
Lycorea cleobaeaL. halia (split from extralimital)


"Split [or lumped] from extralimital" refers to species that have been split [or lumped] where the nominate form is not found in North America (north of Mexico).

"Synonym" refers to taxons whose scientific names have changed based on ICZN rules.

"Omitted" and "Considered Dubious" usually refer to species that one or the other list has not yet accepted for the main list. These frequently refer to recent records from Texas.