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Another batch of pointless statistics.

This was generated by running some dinky Java code over all the transcript files, totaling the listed observers. This method implies a few limitations:

I've made an effort to fix up spellings below, and merge totals from names I'd manage to spell multiple ways. This is as good a place as any to beg forgiveness from a few people whose names I've butchered time and time again; Mac McCormick, Kristi Hein, and Paul Saraceni, in particular, were each mispelled more often than spelled correctly. Odds are some of the names listed here are also wrong - don't be shy about letting me know. Also, a hearty thanks to those who've filled in during my vacations (Al Eisner, Jennifer Matkin, Bert McKee, and Daan Sandee, over this period); their transcripts are included in these numbers.

Obviously, the list below says nothing about quality, merely quantity. It's entirely possible to generate lots of calls by chasing other people's findings without ever adding anything new - but those reports are important too! The volume of Ron Thorn's reports is truly remarkable, though, as he isn't really a chaser, and only rarely birds outside of San Mateo County.

Finally, the use of ordered lists should not imply this is in any way a competition. The last thing I'd want is for anyone to make some extra calls simply to move up the list. To avoid any such implications, I don't plan on repeating this experiment (at least in public). This page exists simply to thank all the contributors to this system and recognize the real standouts - it'd be worthless without you.

Annual totals:





  • Ron Thorn: 78
  • Steve Rottenborn: 57
  • Joe Morlan: 41
  • Bert McKee: 33
  • Steve Glover: 30
  • Peter Metropulos: 30
  • Mike Rogers: 29
  • Al Eisner: 28
  • Keith Hansen: 26
  • Bob Reiling: 25
  • Ron Thorn: 46
  • Steve Glover: 38
  • Joe Morlan: 36
  • Steve Rottenborn: 32
  • Peter Metropulos: 32
  • Mike Feighner: 30
  • Mike Rogers: 28
  • Dan Nelson: 27
  • Rich Stallcup: 27
  • Bob Reiling: 26
  • Ron Thorn: 57
  • Doug Shaw: 45
  • Steve Rottenborn: 44
  • Mike Feighner: 44
  • Peter Metropulos: 31
  • Mike Rogers: 30
  • Bob Reiling: 28
  • Al Eisner: 26
  • Steve Glover: 26
  • Joe Morlan: 25
  • Keith Hansen: 55
  • Ron Thorn: 53
  • Rich Stallcup: 46
  • Doug Shaw: 40
  • Steve Rottenborn: 35
  • Mike Feighner: 31
  • Dan Nelson: 29
  • Calvin Lou: 28
  • Debbie Shearwater: 28
  • Peter Metropulos: 26

Total count: 1557

Total count: 1348

Total count: 1355

Total entries: 1550

I'm uncertain whether the "total count" really means anything, but it does suggest the BirdBox hasn't gotten much busier over the years. I'll leave the analysis of the sociological implications of this to someone who cares.

The full list:

And lots with 1.

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